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Who we are

World Summits and Conferences is a global online conference directory showcasing over 100,000 conferences, summits, conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, expos, workshops and seminars. It’s a database of regional and global conferences, meetings, and events. It is a unique platform designed to let organizers add their conferences, events, seminars & workshop listing regionally and globally for free.

World Summits and Conferences contributes to the Internet space by promoting conferences, seminars and other public events. The website helps our visitors find details about public events worldwide. It helps the visitors to search the conference directory by sector, location, and more. Moreover, our registered users can register their public conferences and plan their private events and meetings accordingly.

We continuously work to build and integrate new features into our website pursuing the ultimate goal of turning World Summits and Conferences into an integrated online platform for promoting and organizing conferences and other events.