Construction Project Management System

Datamatix with great pleasure would like to initiate a comprehensive discussion with your Organization and invite your team to experience and incorporate one of the most professional Construction Project Management System, designed to catalyze the efficiency of your entire organization.

Today, most of the construction companies in the region are facing the challenge of managing and sharing data amongst the management due to lack of company automation, systems development and employee’ turnover. If the construction companies are not capable of locating, storing, managing, and delivering critical clients data, and information, then that can result to slower productivity rate and more risk for the business.

Therefore, to deal with these types of complexities all the companies have realized that there is a need for total business management solution software that can manage this professionally. In this regards Datamatix with great pleasure presents the ‘Construction Project Management System’, which is designed to manage the construction company’s’ data from different departments and further connect people, information, and processes to speed up the operational efficiencies that helps you avoid missed deadlines; make sure projects are delivered on time with a keen eye on budget; improve control and workflow of documents.

Our ‘Construction Project Management System’ enables project managers and team members to maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to actively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each and every engagement. It gives you real-time access to all of your project information. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients and reduced non-billable work. The Software equipped with a matchless flexibility, has a variety of inbuilt preferences capable of exceeding project profitability, delivery, quality expectations and can deliver tangible returns on your technology investment.

CPMS - Construction Project Management System

Integrated in a single comprehensive construction project management solution, which supports a construction company in all project management functions, the system has strong features and capabilities to successfully accelerate and facilitate vital construction project management in a real time.

It helps the management to make better and faster decisions and is fully customizable to suit any size of construction organizations. It is also fully scalable matching with the growth of any organization over a period of time and provides advanced business intelligence & analysis that are of vital importance to manage construction projects and business critical decision-making.

CPMS - Construction Project Management System

  • Construction Tender Management System
  • Construction Project Management System
  • Construction Document Management System
  • Construction Procurement Management System
  • Construction Suppliers Management System
  • Construction Total Operations Management

CAMS – Construction Administration Management System

  • Construction Finance and Accounting System
  • Construction HR and Payroll System
  • Construction Sales and Marketing System
  • Construction Office Administration and Management System
  • Construction Customer Relationship Management System
  • Construction Transportation Management System
  • Construction Legal System

How These System Can Support Your Organization

  • Paperless desk and multilevel reporting system
  • Increase productivity and efficiency and reflects professionalism and corporate image
  • Saves money, time and effort and helps to focus on your core activities & reduces operating costs
  • Facilitates day-to-day management for better data accessibility in decision making
  • Defines and supports strategic planning in reaching the desired outcomes for target audiences
  • Improves efficiency & productivity levels and customer services
  • Excellent tracking system and business forecasting
  • Handles huge business contacts and database very efficiently in less time

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